Former FC Barcelona president detained by the police

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The Spanish police has detained Sandro Rosell, the former FC Barcelona president in an operation against money laundering

Written by Christian Møller Poulsen. May 23, 2017

According to Spanish medias, The Spanish police and Civil Guard have arrested Sandro Rosell and his wife Marta Pineda, for an alleged money laundering offense. The arrest is part of an operation carried out on Tuesday against a plot of money laundering, which the former FC Barcelona President, Sandro Rosell, should have been in charge of.

According to El Confidential, the police are visiting different addresses and offices in Barcelona, Girona and Lleida.

Allegedly five people have been arrested as part of the investigation, which has been going on for more than a year and includes the FBI.

Sandro Rosell and his wife have allegedly been arrested because of business in Brazil, where they should have engaged in money laundering activities, which involved image rights of the Brazilian National football team.

Former managers of the Brazilian Football Federation are also involved.

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