Arsenal icon speaks about Sanchez saga


Paul Merson suggests a swap between City and Arsenal.

Arsenal legend Paul Merson has encouraged Arsenal to make a swap deal for Sergio Agüero, should Alexis Sanchez keep pushing for a move away.

“I don’t think Arsenal can replace Sanchez, can they?” Merson told Goal. “He gets 30 of their goals, but you’ve got to move on.

“If someone doesn’t want to be at the club, Arsenal are a big club and you don’t want players who don’t want to be there. Arsenal are a big club, a very big club and you don’t want that.

“He’s a good player – if I were Arsenal I’d be ringing up Man City and saying ‘Give us Agüero and you can have Sanchez.’

“[If Alexis wants to go to Man City] then I’d say I want Agüero. He’s better than Sanchez.”

“I do [think they’ll struggle], Arsenal need to be in the top four,” the ex-England international, 49, added.

“I know they’re not going to win it but if you’re in it you’re going to be playing bigger games. At the moment, you’re taking away 20-odd goals and 10 or 11 assists, and he’s a handful, Sanchez.

“So, for me, he can’t go to Man City unless Arsenal get Agüero.”