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Gerrard admits he wanted van Dijk in 2015

The Virgil van Dijk saga gets a fresh angle every week as speculations intensify the Dutchman will end up at Liverpool.

The latest person to give his opinion on the van Dijk saga is former Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard. The Liverpool legend admitted that he was hoping for his team to make a bid for the fullback back in 2015 when he was still at Celtic, p

“I think he is an amazing player, he would strengthen any team in the league,” Gerrard told the ​Express. “I was actually hoping we would go make a bid for him when he came from Celtic.”

The 26-year-old recently submitted a formal transfer request and expressed his disappointed with the club as well as his desire to leave due to an unfair fine he had to pay after being accused of refusing to train.