Could Lacazette be the real deal?

There has been a lot of speculation about the french forward since he joined Arsenal earlier this summer.

The prolific striker, who joined Arsenal this summer for a fee of £52 million, has been subject to a lot of speculation on wether he has what it takes to cut it in the Premier League.

Many of the Gunners faithful where excited, when Arsenal finally signed a much needed high profile striker, but a lot if the fans where confused over why exactly Arsenal choice the frenchman over a number of other options.

There is no denying that Lacazette is an incredibly talented forward, with an amazing eye for goal, but the concern on wether or not he can cope with the physicality and tempo of the game in England is certainly justified, giving his size and style of play.

The clinical frenchman joined Arsenal on their pre-season tour, where he both impressed, but also had some fallouts, which made the supporters doubt even bigger.

Arsenal kicked off the Premier League season on Friday night against Leicester City at the Emirates Stadium and Lacazette put in an amazing performance in what was a thrilling albeit sloppy and confusing game at times, but nonetheless exciting right to the end.

The Frenchman opened the scoring after just 2 minutes and made an instant impact on his Premier League debut and it was all in all a really solid performance from the striker, who got involved in a lot in both ends of the pitch.

After last night a lot has been answered about Lacazette and he looks like the type of player who can become a topscorer in the league and contribute with the goals that the gunners have needed.