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Fowler believes that Keïta’s pursuit should have taught Liverpool a lesson

Seeing how RB Leipzig did not let their player go, the Reds from Anfield can do exactly the same with Coutinho inists Robbie Fowler.

Former Anfield striker Robbie Fowler believes that the experience of the failed attempt to lure Naby Keïta should make Liverpool realise that they have the control of Philippe Coutinho’s future.

“The club (Leipzig) had the power after all.” Fowler said on his Sunday Mirror newspaper column.

“Keïta has already indicated he’ll get his head down and play because he has a contract, and he’ll wait for next summer, Coutinho probably has to do the same.

“I think he should stop digging now. He’s already given himself a major problem with the fans, and he’s got to make sure it doesn’t go any deeper,

“His best option now is to wait until September 1, then play the season of his life, win something… and, well, Luis Suarez got his move eventually.”