Manchester City delegation head to Chile

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Manchester City want to be ready in case they will reach an agreement with Arsenal over the transfer of Alexis Sanchez and have sent a delegation to Chile.

Arsene Wenger is still not giving any signs that he would let Alexis Sanchez go, but the player is desperate to leave, according to Sky Sports. Pep Guardiola has been pushing for a deal for most of the summer, as he would like to be reunited with his former player.

Despite Arsenal’s unwillingness to negotiate, Manchester City remain confident that they will be able to finally reach an agreement with the Gunners, and, according to The Telegraph, have sent a delegation to Chile, where Alexis Sanchez currently is with the Chile national team. They are due to play a World Cup qualifier against Paraguay tonight at 00:30, half an hour after transfer deadline.

The Citizens are trying to anticipate a potential agreement with the Gunners and want to make sure that they will have the time to negotiate and agree personal terms and finalise the deal before midnight.

An initial offer of £50m was rejected by Arsenal, who were looking to add Raheem Sterling in the deal. But City are not interested in allowing their winger to go and instead have upped their offer to £70m, according to The Telegraph.