UEFA to open a case against Celtic

The Scottish club will undergo an inevitable sanction after one of their supporters confronted Kylian Mbappé on the pitch.

Celtic are waiting to find out the severity of the sanction they will receive from UEFA after one of their fans invaded the pitch and attempted to kick Paris Saint-Germain’s latest addition Kylian Mbappé during a one-sided 5-0 home loss to the Parisiens.

UEFA confirmed on Wednesday they had started disciplinary actions against the Scottish club over the accident with the fan. Brendan Rodgers’s side has been charged with a number of ‘field invasion’ cases and will have their case heard by UEFA on 19 October. The worrying factor for Celtic is that they have 12 offences over the past six years, with the last one being a paramilitary flag flown during a game with Linfield in a Champions League qualifier. The Celts fear a partial stadium closure for European fixtures due to the serious nature of their latest accident.

Needless to say, Celtic’s head coach Brendan Rodgers was highly disappointed with the behaviour of the invader.

“That reaction said it all really,” Rodgers said regarding the jeers from the crowd upon the invader being escorted from the pitch, according to the Guardian.

“It’s disappointing for any ground, any club, a supporter getting on to the pitch like that. It was bitterly disappointing and I’m sure the club will deal with that. Whoever that person was it shouldn’t be anything we see, especially on a football field. I think the stewards dealt with it at the time and I’m sure the club will deal with it. The crowd and their reaction told you everything you needed to know.”