Benzema involved in car crash

Karim Benzema was involved in a car accident, after his car collided with another one on a highway in Spain.

The French striker was driving one of the cars provided by the club’s sponsor when the unfortunate event took place. Benzema was entering the highway when he collided with another car on a highway near Madrid.

According to El Mundo, no person was badly injured during the incident, although both vehicles were pretty damaged. The alcohol tests showed that none of the drivers consumed any alcoholic drinks.

Benzema is not at his first car incident in Spain. In 2009, he lost control of his car, hitting a security barrier and a tree. At that time, the striker was heading to his house in Madrid from the airport. According to the press, Benzema was only going at a speed of around 50 km/h at that time. The player escaped uninjured, because he was protected by airbags. He was also fined for driving over the speed limit in Ibiza and police retained his driver’s licence.