Filipe Luis encourages more footballers to speak their mind

The Brazilian has backed up Barcelona’s Gerard Pique even though he does not always agree with the Catalan.

Atletico Madrid defender Filipe Luis lauded Pique for always speaking his mind with regards to the current Catalan independence referendum. Barcelona’s full-back has been hitting the headlines for the past few weeks as he came out in support of the disputed vote, but did not necessarily align himself with either side in the debate.

This lead to the frustration of many Spanish fans who even jeered the defender during an open training session of the Spain international team. Filipe Luis, however, insists he supports Pique and respects him for always speaking out his mind even though he does not always agree with the opinion of the Catalan.

“I am a fan of Pique, although I often disagree with what he says.” Filipe Luis told El Mundo.

“But he dares, like [Alvaro] Arbeloa. They are people who are not afraid to say what they think, who do not hide behind their fame.

“They are admirable and hopefully more footballers will be like them.”

When it comes to the Catalonia’s desire to split from the country as a separate region, Luis stated:

“It [the referendum] is a subject that I follow daily and I cannot understand.

“I respect it, but in a world that tends to unite and open frontiers, it doesn’t sound right to me that a community wants to close itself.

“I guess it’s because I have the vision of a Brazilian and in Brazil, with all its flaws, if the national anthem sounds, people are proud.

“Left, right, it does not matter. People are proud of being Brazilian and something I cannot understand is why that doesn’t happen here [in Spain].

“Why do you want to separate? What do you think will be better?”