Real Madrid wants changes in the refereeing system

The refereeing system of La Liga needs huge and instant improvements.

It is becoming clear in the eyes of the clubs, supporters and players: something’s wrong with the refereeing system in Spain. Real Madrid will not tolerate the unfair decisions anymore. According to Los Blancos will take action in the overhaul of the system in La Liga.

Their dissatisfaction has only grown after what happened on Barcelona’s game against Malaga on Saturday night at the Camp Nou, when Lucas Digne’s cross to Gerard Deulofeu to open the scoring for Barcelona was clearly over the line. Barcelona won the game with a score of 2-0 and this result can play an important role in the near future when the two giants will battle for the crown of La Liga.

The current champions want to take the initiative and will demand changes, bringing the Spanish refereeing system in line with a competition that is considered one of the best in the world: the Premier League.

It looks like that Real Madrid need to perform at their very best, leaving no stones unturned if they would like to remain the kings of La Liga. Leaving no margin for errors also in the refereeing system is the most secure way for them to go.

Madrid are not looking for excuses, but they believe that their biggest rivals have benefitted from some favourable refereeing conditions. Florentino Perez told Juan Luis Larrea, President of the Federation, that they want changes to avoid situations that can cause unfairness and harm Spanish football, thus the entity it represents.

The current secrecy surrounding refereeing decisions must disappear once and for all. Managers, players and supporters all agree that having a refereeing system they can’t trust, and which could ruin the pleasure that football games deliver is not the way in which La Liga should operate.

Los Blancos are not the only team in Spain which believes that situations like the one on Saturday at the Camp Nou can be avoided by applying the minimum of common sense and modernity to Spanish football.