Herrera defends Mourinho’s strategy

José Mourinho has been criticized for being too defensive as his Manchester United were too cautious in the big games – but midfielder Ander Herrera points out that this criticism isn’t fair as the Red Devils are playing great.

Mourinho’s first campaign at the helm delivered Community Shield, EFL Cup and Europa League success, while 2017-18 sees United back in contention for the Premier League title – and Herrera added that the amount of goals that his team have scored is almost as big as the Manchester City’s one. He defended José Mourinho’s tactics and he believes that the critics are not being fair with the Portuguese.

The Spaniard spoke about his side’s performances as he claimed, according to Goal: “If you look at Manchester United’s statistics, until three weeks ago, we had scored the same number of goals as Manchester City had and we were the second-highest goalscoring team in the league. Many times the tags in football are needed from a journalistic standpoint but they don’t reflect the truth, like in Mourinho’s case.”

He also added that it would be impossible to be that successful just by being defensive: “Last year, we won three titles having the majority of possession in most of the games and creating more [goalscoring] chances than our opponents. It’s impossible to win three titles in a given season being defensive, it’s just impossible.”

Ander Herrera is happy with the progress of his side: “Last season, we finished sixth in the league and we won three titles and although it was a successful campaign, it wouldn’t be fair to have the duty to win the Champions League this season. I can assure the fans that we are going to give our all, so that the jersey and emblem that we defend, competes in Europe and in the Champions League for as long as possible.”