Allen: “It was difficult to see Coleman leaving”

Joe Allen, the Wales international, admitted that the whole squad was “hugely gutted” to see their admired coach leaving the national team as he decided to join the Championship side, Sunderland.

Chris Coleman was in charge of the Welsh national team when they managed to make it to the EURO 2016 semifinals but he failed to guide them through the World Cup qualification successfully – after that, he decided not renew his expiring contract as he wanted to try something new. He joined struggling Sunderland and left his former players disappointed as he was very popular and successful while being the first manager ever to go with Wales this far at a major tournament like he did at EURO.

Joe Allen, the key man of the national team, spoke about the frustration as he said, according to Sky Sports: “We are all hugely gutted. I think it is not often a manager leaves his post and every single person is sad to see him go. That is the testament to the job he has done for us and the impact he has had on all of us. It has been a really successful phase that we will not forget.”

He continued by claiming that Coleman’s replacement has to build on his work and be committed to the job: “I think we need someone who is committed and ambitious and has seen the hard work that has been put in place and wants to build on that.”

In the end, the Stoke City midfielder insisted that even though all the players are disappointed by Coleman’s departure, they are also looking forward to the future under a new coach: “We are all excited. But, with the disappointment of Coleman moving on, we are now all looking forward to seeing who the replacement will be and how things fare.”