Crouch wants to start games

Peter Crouch insisted that he wants to gain his spot in the starting eleven as he managed to put a couple of great performances while coming off the bench for his current club, Stoke City.

The 36-year old has scored three goals after coming off the bench this season so far and he has been very effective – and he was valued by a new contract which will extend his stay with the Potters for one more year. However, he started his side’s last two matches from the very beginning and he wants to keep this spot.

The experienced striker spoke about his feelings as he said that he can start the games regularly despite being older than his teammates, according to Sky Sports“I always felt I could still start games and hopefully I’ve proved that. It would be nice to have a little run now and stay in the team. That’s what I wanted and signing the contract was where I wanted to be as well.”

He added that he hopes that he did well while being given a chance to start the game: “Hopefully, I’ve proved myself. I’ve run about and put myself around, so I’ve proved, having played two games in a week, that I’m fit enough to do things at this level. Hopefully, there’s a role for me.”

In the end, Peter Crouch insisted that he can imagine starting together with Mame Diouf as he enjoyed their partnership in the last match: “I enjoyed it, I really did. It was nice to have someone like Mame reading the flick-ons and up there to help. Myself and him have different attributes and it can really work. Invariably, I’ve played up front on my own and been isolated, so to have a partner up there was a welcome relief.”