Goater thinks that the title race is over

Shaun Goater insisted that the Premier League title race is a “one-horse race” as Manchester City are eight points clear at the top of the table and they can just confirm that by beating second-placed Manchester United.

Former Manchester City Goater thinks that it will be the end of United’s title hopes if they will lose against his old team – and he personally thinks that they will. He is also certain that Pep Guardiola will say that nothing has been decided yet but he himself knows that the title race is very close to being over this season.

The former Citizens player spoke about his side’s situation as he said, according to Sky Sports“Pep Guardiola will be saying to his players that there is a lot of work to be done, which is right because the league isn’t won yet, but the work that is done now allows you to win the league. It’s City’s to lose, as early as it is. I think it’s a one-horse race. I think it will confirm that after the derby game.”

He added that City have shown that they have got many different options how to play: “The way Pep plays, he seems as though he has thought of Plan A, Plan B and Plan C and they manage to get that defining goal to make sure that they get the result. When one or two questions are asked, they just adapt, nullify the game, keep probing and get the result. That’s what United were about when Sir Alex Ferguson had them and they were winning the treble.”

He continued with comparing City to Ferguson’s side: “They were an exciting team because if they were drawing a game or the odd game that they were losing, he would throw the kitchen sink at it and you’d be sure that United would score late in the game to get that win. City are very similar. They play attractive football and Pep is trying everything to try and get that defining goal that ensures the win.”