Le Tissier expects Mourinho to defend

Matt Le Tissier is almost certain that José Mourinho will apply his most defensive strategy against Manchester City in the upcoming derby match and he will be very happy to just sit back and wait.

The Portuguese coach is well-known for defending very properly against the big teams and he is expected to do so even in the crucial match against United’s biggest rivals. The Red Devils are currently eight points behind the Premier League leaders, Manchester City, and they need to win this match but even though, we can’t expect them to attack from the very beginning of the game.

Le Tissier spoke about his expectations as he mentioned, according to Sky Sports: “I think the way City are at the moment he’d be foolish to try to play against them as ‘you have an attack and we have an attack. They have got the better attack, they’ve got the best attack in the Premier League by a mile in my opinion. I think there has to be a game plan involved [on Sunday] and if that means sitting deeper at home I don’t think Jose will have a problem with doing that.”

He added that he still has got a faith for Romelu Lukaku: “He’s got enough goals, perhaps not enough goals against those big boys but enough to justify the money that was laid out for him. However, with Ibrahimovic coming back it does put that little bit of extra pressure on him so last night’s goal (CSKA) was important because then he continued that run, if not then there’s pressure on Jose to put Ibrahimovic back in that team after what he achieved last season.”

The Frenchman also spoke about the influence of Paul Pogba: “Last season because of that tag people were expecting so much more of him which perhaps he didn’t quite live up to, because of that bedding in the season there. I’m expecting him to kick on this season, and he has done, He’s missed a few games through injury but there’s been a big difference in that United side with him in the team.”