PSG chief disappointed by Bayern Munich loss

The Parisians lost 3-1 in the Champions League, prompting a ‘wake up’ call from their chairman.

Paris Saint-Germain boss Nasser Al-Khelaifi admitted he felt disappointed after his team was beaten by the Bavarians in the last group fixture of the Champions League.

The Ligue 1 leaders still topped Group B, but their latest performance in Europe left their chairman unhappy and dissatisfied.

“It is true that we did not play during the first half,” said Al-Khelaifi as quoted by ESPNFC. “We were not on the pitch. It is also true that I am disappointed by the result and the low quality of our performance — especially during the first 45 minutes.”

While Al-Khelaifi does not believe that everything is lost, he thinks that two consecutive losses, 2-1 to Strasbourg and 3-1 to Bayern Munich, should act as a wake up call for Unai Emery and his players.

“If we wake up now, it is not too late,” the PSG boss said. “We finished first in the group but our aim was not to lose 3-1 to Bayern.

“I am very optimistic looking ahead. For me, we did not give everything we possibly could to win this match.

“We finished top but it is true that big clubs will finish second. It is possible that we come up against a top side in the next round or the quarterfinals.

“We must prepare well and the most important thing, for me, is that we learn from this lesson.”