Redknapp thinks that Sterling should sign a new contract before the World Cup

Jamie Redknapp thinks that it would be the best for Raheem Sterling to sign a new contract rather sooner than later as he has been in very good form and there is no better way to ruin it than by competing at the World Cup.

It has been said that Sterling wants to wait until the summer to begin with the negotiations about his new contract but Jamie Redknapp thinks that it’s not a good idea – he warned the England international about the dangers with waiting with that until after the World Cup and said that he should take an advantage of his current great form.

The Englishman spoke about this situation as he said, according to Sky Sports“I always felt that you should sign contracts when you were playing well because there is no better way to ruin your form than with a World Cup or European Championships. That’s always been the case for England players.”

He continued by adding that Sterling should use his current form as an advantage: “He is in the form of his life and if they are offering you something that you think is fair – from what I have always gathered from Man City is that they look after their players – and he has been there a long time now so he will get what he deserves. If he feels like it is the right money, he will sign. Don’t wait until after the World Cup, what’s the point in that? The longer it goes on, the more it is on your mind. I remember when I signed my contract at Liverpool, it’s like a weight off your shoulders and you just want to get on and play your football, and I’m sure he’s the same.”

In the end, Jamie Redknapp claimed that it’s clear that even Guardiola can see Sterling’s contribution: “When I see the development of Sterling, it has been phenomenal and he’s got a manager there that obviously appreciates him so much. Wait until after the World Cup and who knows? Like I said, it has ruined a lot of players before.”