Capello shocked by the behaviour of Conte and Mourinho


There has been a huge fight between Antonio Conte and José Mourinho as they have been arguing through media and Fabio Capello, another former Chelsea coach, admitted that he is shocked at how far it has gone…

The former Russia national team coach insisted that it’s nothing new for Mourinho to have a fight like that and once again, he tends to forget what he has done in the past. He also claimed that both of these coaches are “out of their minds” and this madness simply has to stop as it has gone a little bit too far.

The former coach of the Blues spoke about this insane fight as he said, according to ESPN: “I think Conte didn’t realise who he was up against. It’s the Chelsea shirt which winds coaches up. Remember how wound up Mourinho got when he was Chelsea manager? Conte’s just doing what Mourinho used to do. We all remember Mourinho on his knees in the middle of the field, running wild after his side won.”

He also added that Mourinho is quite experienced in these situations: “They’re completely out of their minds. I never thought it could get this far. But remember, when you wind Mourinho up, he’s very clever in these debate situations. Maybe once again he just wants to divert the attention from his team.”

In the end, Fabio Capello claimed that he would never confront Mourinho: “You’ve got to have a very good grasp of English. I would always want a trusted interpreter with me because your words in English could be interpreted in a different way. But confronting Mourinho is very dangerous. I think Mourinho is getting a bit nervous. I know him very well. The gap [between United and City] is very big and this can make him nervous. But I’ve got to say that Manchester City have been spending £200-250 million every year. In the end, they’re bound to build a decent side.”