Meunier unhappy with his side’s win over Amiens


Thomas Meunier, the PSG full-back, spoke about his side’s performance in their latest 2-0 win over Amiens in the Coupe de la Ligue – and he wasn’t happy and said that the effort of the team was rather “drunken” than anything else.

The former Club Brugge defender claimed that he is not happy with the lack of effort from his team and admitted that the overall performance wasn’t good at all despite the fact that it was enough to grab a win. However, PSG are through in the domestic cup to face Rennes in the semifinals and it was all thanks to two second-half goals.

The Belgium international spoke about his side’s performance as he said, according to ESPN“We did not approach the match well. Mentally, we were not very professional today. The game [performance] annoyed me. Logically, we won but we did not approach the game in a good way. We were drunken. There was not much commitment and we missed simple gestures that is not usually a habit of ours. Either Amiens or Real Madrid, we must prepare for the match the same way. However, that was not the case here.”

His teammate Adrien Rabiot continued by adding that it wasn’t entirely bad: “We had a cup match to play and we were serious without having to be that good. We were up against a good team and they tried to counter. It was an open game and we are pleased with the win.We need to handle January and February carefully. There are matches where we will need to preserve ourselves a little. If we can economise, we will but we are always serious. When we come up against other teams, we want to finish with the best possible score.”

In the end, Unai Emery, the head coach, claimed that he is not happy with the draw: “We deserve to be in the final four. We would have liked a home draw but we will go to Rennes. We have played them already a few times but that is how it is and we accept that.”