Mourinho knows that he managed to hurt Conte

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José Mourinho, the Manchester United coach, spoke about his recent fight with Antonio Conte and he insisted that he could see how he managed to hurt his Italian opponent by his comments.

The Portuguese spoke about his verbal battle with Antonio Conte and he is certain that he managed to hurt his opponent’s feelings – to be said, he insisted that every reaction like that shows that the damage was done. Mourinho accused Conte of a match-fixing and it’s obvious that the Italian had to react to that – and the relationship between these two has become even more complicated…

The former Real Madrid and Chelsea coach spoke about this fight as he said, according to ESPN: “I think when a person insults another, you can expect a response. Or you can expect contempt, silence. The first time he insulted me I had a response, a response that I know that touched the point where he really feels hurt. Then he insulted me for the second time, but now I change, and now contempt and for me, contempt means the end of the story.”

He also added that Ibrahimović is still not happy with his fitness: “Zlatan is injured or is not totally happy with his condition. He fought like a tiger like he likes to say, to be back, which he did. He was starting having minutes here and there and had a start and had 60 minutes in one game, start another one and had 45 and he was not happy with his feelings.”

In the end, José Mourinho insisted that the Swede will be back at the end of January: “He consulted other doctors, other opinions and we all make the decision to stop, treatment, and when [he’s] feeling really good come back to the work. The date for him to be back to training with the team was around the end of January, beginning of February, so let’s hope his feelings are better and we have him with us as soon as possible.”