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Guardiola intents to sign only one or two new players


After being named Premier League Manager of the Year, Guardiola had his say on plans for Manchester City and how he sees the future of the club.

The Manchester City manager admitted they cannot afford to continue spending as they have been doing lately and therefore considers signing only one or two new players throughout the summer transfer window.

Toure announced his departure and his replacement is going to be one of the essential new signings City will be looking for.

“Yaya is leaving, so we have to replace him, and maybe another one,” Guardiola said of his summer transfer plans, according to the Telegraph. “One or two, no more. Maybe people do not believe me, but we do not have the money to invest £300 million every season.”

“We invested a lot of money and will invest less in the future, because instead of doing it in two or three transfer windows, we did it in one,” Guardiola added. “We needed it for the age.”