Juventus boss reveals why he rejected Madrid appointment

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Juventus manager Max Allegri said he was offered Madrid job but he turned it down before Julen Lopetegui was appointed and announced as their new boss.

He revealed why he rejected Real Madrid job saying it clearly wasn’t the first choice.

“Let’s say I said yes to Juventus,” Allegri told Sky Sports Italia when asked if Madrid had approached him.

“I spoke to the (Real) president (Florentino Perez) once, and I said that out of respect for the (Juve) president (Andrea Agnelli), to whom I’d given my word, and to Juventus, that I’d be staying at Juventus.

“It was a decision I’d already taken, and even if other things can happen in life I’d say that I made the decision to stay at Juventus and respected what I’d said, without considering other options.

“I have to thank the Real Madrid president though, for giving me the chance to go there.”

Allegri was also pressed on whether or not Chelsea had contacted him.

“Let’s just say that the decision to stay at Juventus had already been taken, while thanking the ones who sought me out,” he said.

“I’ve always said that the president will be the first to know if I want to leave, and the president will have to tell me if he wants to make a change.

“The Juventus project is renewed every year, and every year is competitive. Then Juventus is one of the strongest teams in the world.

“In any case, Juventus have been among the best in Europe for the past four years and we think we can continue to better what we started four years ago.