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Adam Bodzek

Alfredo Morales

Andre Hoffmann

Bastian Kummer

Davor Lovren

Dawid Kownacki

Emmanuel Iyoha

Florian Kastenmeier

Goekhan Guel

Jakub Piotrowski

Jannick Theissen

Jean Zimmer

Johannes Buehler

Kaan Ayhan

Kelvin Ofori

Kenan Karaman

Kevin Stoeger

Marcel Sobottka

Markus Suttner

Matthias Zimmermann

Michael Rensing

Michel Stoecker

Nana Ampomah

Oliver Fink

Raphael Wolf

Robin Bormuth

Rouwen Hennings

Shinta Appelkamp

Thomas Pledl

Tim Wiesner

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Borussia Dortmund captain Marco Reus accepted they were second-best to Fortuna Dusseldorf following their 2-1 defeat on Tuesday night Dortmund’s unbeaten Bundesliga start cam...