MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - MAY 03: Jose Mourinho the manager of Manchester United looks on during a training session at the Aon Training Complex on May 3, 2017 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

Jose Mourinho shows a rare humble side of him, as he acknowledges that he is working in the shadows of legends at Old Trafford, but believes that he is still only halfway through his career.

Written by Christian Møller Poulsen. May 25, 2017

Jose Mourinho was appointed to the hot-seat of Old Trafford last summer with the objective of bringing the club back to successful days, but the coach admits to feeling like a “nobody” at the Manchester club.

The Portuguese, however, has delivered on the promise with Wednesday’s Europa League final win over Ajax Amsterdam, which was his third trophy in his first season at the club, and he also brought the club back to the Champions League next season. Not too shabby for a first season in the club that has struggled to find glory since Alex Ferguson left.

Jose Mourinho though showed a humble side, as he admitted that he is working in the shadows of the great legends in the club such as Alex Ferguson and Sir Matt Busby and that he had a long way to go before he can be considered a success.

The special Portuguese told Rio Ferdinand the following on the BT Sport documentary: Old Trafford uncovered: “In this club it makes me feel that I did nothing.”

“Especially because you have two legends — many of them, but two (Busby and Ferguson) are legends in terms of titles and trophies. I feel that I am nobody. I always have to prove.

“I just feel that what I did in this club is not enough to deserve to be here (pointing to wall enshrined with pictures of Ferguson and Busby). That’s why I am there (pointing to a picture of himself on a wall on its own).

“Sometimes when I stop and look back I did a lot of things, I have things that nobody else has. No manager won in Spain, Italy and England. In these three countries, I won all the competitions, not just the league.

“For example, when we won against Anderlecht I was told that I equal the record of Sir Alex and (Giovanni) Trapattoni of 10 European semi-finals. They have finished. I still have a chance to get some more semi-finals. So, there are things that I’m really proud of.”

Mourinho is proud of his career so far, but warns his colleagues or coaching rivals that he is still only halfway through his career.

He continued: “I was really lucky in the way my career developed. I played the Spanish derbies, the Italian derbies, the Portuguese derbies, the English derbies, all these country’s cup finals, played for the titles, an amazing experience of life.

“If I finish my career tomorrow I should be very happy with my experience, but the problem is my career just reached the halfway stage. I have 15 more years.”

Mourinho has ensured the path for Manchester United’s road to glory, as they once again are set to play in the finest European tournament next season, as he also will be seeking to win the 21st Premier League trophy for the club.