MADRID, SPAIN - JUNE 07: Spanish bullfighter Enrique Ponce receives the 'Oreja de Oro' award at Las Ventas Bullring on June 7, 2017 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

New Spain coach Fernando Hierro had no time to prepare for his current appointment as he only decided to take the high-stakes role today after his boss was fired because he saw a chance of their team winning the World Cup.

Hierro, who was already in Russia as Spain’s sporting director, responded to Daily Mail:

‘If I was not convinced of our chances, I would not be here.

‘When the president told me about the possibility, there were three options. One was to say no, one was to leave, the third was to be present, to take a step forward for the Spanish FA and Spanish football.’

Head of the Spanish FA, Luis Rubiales also said:

‘Hierro told me he is ready to help Spain, he’s been very generous, I want to thank him for that. We have encountered a difficulty that we are going to overcome, I am sure of it.’

Spanish players pleaded with Rubiales to keep Lopetegui in charge but it was decided that the manager’s position had become untenable. Despite a clear desire from the players to keep Lopetegui, Hierro insisted he had the full backing of the team and is confident they will give their all to do the national team justice in Russia.

‘The feedback I’ve received is fantastic. It’s a united group, they know their goals. I know they’re going to leave their souls and give 100 per cent. We all know what this means. Nobody gives anything away at a World Cup.’