HUDDERSFIELD, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 21: Marcus Rashford of Manchester United arrives for the Premier League match between Huddersfield Town and Manchester United at John Smith's Stadium on October 21, 2017 in Huddersfield, England. (Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)

Rashford found himself in a debate that usually divides football fans, which is, who is better, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

There is no clear-cut answer to the conundrum of the two five-time Ballon d’Or winners, though their performances at this summer’s World Cup in Russia may strengthen one individual’s case.

However, Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford is in no doubt on which side of the fence he sits as he grew up watching Ronaldo work his magic every week at Old Trafford and it is safe to say the Portugal international had a huge impact on the Wythenshawe youngster.

And when asked to rate Ronaldo’s latest FIFA 18 stat update ahead of the World Cup, Rashford told Rio Ferdinand why Ronaldo will always have the edge for him.

“He’s won five Ballon d’Or’s and he still has that determination and drive to improve. You know, he does it for himself and that is a massive quality on its own. (Most) people don’t have that, he’s got that and that is what makes him one of the best ever.

“He’s a joke, isn’t he?! I’d have (his stats) all full,” he told Ferdinand in a video on his YouTube channel.

“He is the best I’ve ever seen. Growing up and seeing him play live, him and Rooney, when they were at the best, everyone wanted to be like them two.

“The stands, every home game. Since I was about six or seven, that was close to home. When people ask me Messi or Ronaldo, it is always Ronaldo.”

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