during a Soccer Aid for UNICEF media session at Fulham FC training ground on June 7, 2018 in New Malden, England.

Harry Redknapp says England’s boss Gareth Southgate was smart enough to make changes and field a weakened team in the final group game against Belgium.

Belgium lost their semi-final to France on Tuesday which resulted in England finishing as runners-up. Now England are battling it out with Croatia to secure a place for the final match of the tournament.

“I said before the game, the winners of this game will be the losers. Whoever wins the game is going to end up in the worst group.

“You can’t say it publicly and both managers still probably wouldn’t admit it, I don’t care whether they do or not. As a manager, you’d have gone home that night, if I’m Gareth Southgate, I’d have thought ‘yes, we’ve got beat but now look at our group, look where we go from here, look at the path forward,’ Redknapp said according to Sky Sports.

“And if I’m Martinez, I’d be thinking ‘bloody hell, we’ve won the game but now look where we are’.”

Redknapp also feels there is “every chance” of football coming home.

“Every chance. I think we’re going to make the final. Anything can happen then. It’s going to be a toss-up.

“[Croatia] will be tough but I think we’re going to get through. If it goes to extra-time, I think we’ll be stronger than them. I think we’ll run out of legs a little bit. They’ve had extra-time. We’d be a bit fresher than them. A bit of a stronger squad, we can bring subs on that would be stronger than theirs.”