CULIACAN, MEXICO - SEPTEMBER 10: Diego Armando Maradona speaks during a press conference to present him as Dorados de Sinaloa new coach at Hotel Lucerna on September 10, 2018 in Culiacan, Mexico. (Photo by Carlos Ramirez/Getty Images)

On the first-ever Diego Maradona press conference as the Sinaloa Dorados’ manager, the football legend reminded everyone that he didn’t come on vacation.

This past weekend was complete chaos with Diego Maradona’s arrival to Mexico, the Argentina legend brought a whole movement of journalists from all over the country and people who wanted to catch a glimpse of one of the biggest football players of all time. Diego arrived at the Sinaloa airport like a true rockstar, he came in with a whole entourage of people who take care of many different things for him and he quickly filled up the airport of the city of Culiacan. It’s not every day that Diego Maradona visits this Mexican city and people were naturally excited to see the idol, whose first-ever press conference was scheduled for this Monday and his presentation with all the fans as well. Dorados is quickly making bank of their new arrival as he was another player, they are already selling number ’10’ Dorados shirts with the name ‘Diego’ on them and they are getting sold out fairly quickly. There is no doubt that Maradona is a true phenomenon, we gotta give him that at least.

But on the performance side, there is also no denying that Diego doesn’t have a good resume as a professional manager and there is very little we truly expect from him regardless of how much hope he can bring to the fans with his presence. During the presentation at the Dorados stadium, the players alongside Diego Maradona made a celebration that is very similar to the Iceland National Team with all the fans who attended the ceremony to greet Diego. But the most important part of the whole celebration for us media people was the press conference, we were eager to know what he would mention about many controversies surrounding him and also about Mexican football which he has criticized quite a bit in the past. Maradona was recently quoted coming after Mexico for getting the 2026 World Cup bid alongside the United States and Canada but he didn’t mention this during the press conference.

The first and most controversial order of business was to talk about all the criticism Diego’s been getting lately for his behavior off the field. There have been several accusations that talk about him relapsing into drug abuse, something he categorically denies: “Ever since I stopped doing drugs 15 years ago, they said I wasn’t going to do anything with my life. When I drank I always took a step back, and what happened? That all ended thanks to my daughters. We didn’t come on vacation, we came to work and the people who are working with us can be at ease because we came here to work hard and to win. I thank every one of you who came to listen to me. I have a friend called Mohamed (Celta’s manager), who spoke very highly of Dorados and I almost had a deal made with the Belarus club but we left that for another time in the future because I plan to stay here for a long time. We came to tell all the lads that I did things nobody should ever do,” said Maradona.

After clearing that up, Diego also spoke about Mexican football and how well he believes the National team did during the last World Cup in Russia. The Argentine manager mentioned that he expects Mexico to stop playing against less competitive rivals and start playing more against the national teams from the top 20 ranking in FIFA: “I want Mexico to play important games, I want them to play against national teams like Germany, Belgium; I don’t want them to play against El Salvador… with all due respect. But if you stand for a second and watch the Mexican player, they have a lot of young talents that are worth looking at. That game in which Mexico was able to defeat Germany, it’s a game worth watching very relaxed while smoking a Cuban cigar. Because that is what football is all about,” said Maradona during his first ever press conference as the new Sinaloa Dorados’ manager.

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