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Let’s talk a little bit about the five most important signings that a legendary club like Manchester United ever made, most were thanks to Sir Alex Ferguson.

Before the Premier League even existed in the new format, Manchester United was not even close to the club that they are today and they have evolved this much thanks to some of the most amazing signings in English football’s history. The man responsible for most of these transfer is obviously Sir Alex Ferguson, a ruthless Scotsman who transformed the Red Devils for good and completely revolutionized English football during his 20 years of career. Today we can thank what English football is to that man, who brought some of the biggest talents at the time to make us enjoy football like little kids. We bring you, the Top 5 Manchester United’s best signings in football history.

1.- Cristiano Ronaldo.

It all happened during a friendly match between Portuguese side Sporting Club from Lisbon and Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United, the players quickly saw a young winger with incredible skills and convinced the Scotsman to sign him right away. This is how Cristiano Ronaldo’s success story began as a professional football player, his story at Manchester United will forever be remembered as a truly incredible journey that took the Red Devils to win the Champions League and the Premier League on the same 2007-2008 season with a stellar Ronaldo. For many even, that version of Cristiano is the best we have ever seen throughout his career because he changed his playing style when he arrived in Real Madrid after his life in Manchester.

2.- Eric Cantona.

During the most challenging time of his career as a professional footballer, French forward Eric Cantona was suffering from off-the-field problems and even contemplating leaving the sport altogether. Then thanks to Michel Platini convincing him to try out the Premier League, Eric Cantona found his true calling at Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson found his first ever world-class superstar who brought a lot of joy to Manchester United in the nineties decade. Not even the incident with the whole karate kick to a fan was able to end his story as a Red Devil, as Cantona came back to win another Premier League and remind everyone why he is widely regarded as one of Manchester United’s most important players ever.

3.- George Best.

The old-timers who remember watching Irishman George Best playing in his prime, frequently say that he was even better than Cristiano Ronaldo. During the times in which Bobby Charlton dominated English football with the Red Devils, it was Best the player who everybody was afraid of facing directly on a duel. He was a natural-born winger with a taste for the spectacular goals, but Best also lived a fast life that always kept getting him into trouble with the club and the authorities. The first real football rebel in English football, but the one with the greatest raw talent that Manchester United ever had in their ranks.

4.- Wayne Rooney.

‘Wazza’ was one of those precocious players who started early in their career and simply never stopped growing as a professional, this lad quickly gave everyone the impression that he would do great things both at Manchester United when he arrived, and with the England National Team. Now that he’s retired from both, Wayne Rooney is the all-time goalscorer of both institutions after having surpassed none other than legendary Sir Bobby Charlton’s two records. Perhaps the fiercest striker England has ever seen, it was a true honor watching Wayne Rooney in modern football as he really gave us one of the most impressive versions of what a complete football player can be. It will be nearly impossible to reach the stats he left behind for the Red Devils and the Three Lions.

5.- Rio Ferdinand.

The former England centre-back who once became football’s most expensive defender when Sir Alex Ferguson decided to bring him to Manchester United, Rio proved quickly that he was the real deal and won many trophies playing for the Scottish manager who trusted him from the very beginning. But Rio reached his between 2006 and 2010 when he was paired with Nemanja Vidic, another incredible defender that Sir Alex Ferguson brought to Manchester and who quickly understood the role he had to play alongside Rio Ferdinand. Very few defenders in football history can make it to an all-time best list for any club, but good old Rio deserves the recognition because he really was that great of a player.

Which names would you add to this list of Manchester United’s Top 5 signings of all time? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.