MOSCOW, RUSSIA - NOVEMBER 08: Head coach Steven Gerrard of Rangers gestures during the UEFA Europa League Group G match between Spartak Moscow and Rangers at Spartak Stadium on November 08, 2018 in Moscow, Russia. (Photo by Epsilon/Getty Images)

The Rangers manager believes many lives are affected by what happens in the pitch, not only fans and footballers but many other people

For Rangers manager Steven Gerrard football is not only his way of life, but it is also something that affects the lives of many people.

“It really is a serious profession because so many lives are affected by what happens on the pitch,” he told the Irish Times.

“I’m serious because I care. I lived my time at Liverpool to the full and the lives of everyone around me were affected.”

“Lots of people think being a footballer is the best job in the world. You should be smiling all the time. Of course, I loved it but that intense pressure is powerful,” he added.

“You crave those feelings of pressure. It’s a drug. It gets you. Football grips me.”

“That’s one of the reasons I went for it. Rangers are like Liverpool in many ways. The city, the people’s love for the club and the pressures are the same. I did it for 17 years as a professional and loved it, and I hope this starts a new journey,” he explained.