About Ronaldo.com

About Us
Whether you call it soccer, fooball or fútbol we love all about the game.

Ronaldo.com is an international digital football news portal that gives you all the best news about players, teams and leagues – and on top a free access to tables, stats, live score and maybe even a good advice for a bet at your bookmaker.

Our Vision
We have a dream to make Ronaldo.com a worldwide community and all football lovers preferred news portal.

Our Mission
We want to publish top football news content 24/7 and give our readers a ‘one stop shop’ for football information in as many ways as possible.

Business Model
As a free media without subscription, our business model is based on adverting, links and affiliate deals. Help us to give you even more and better football news by clicking at our banners next time you need a product from our advertisers.

Join us
Become a national Ronaldo.com publisher.

We believe that a diverse and enganged team will generate the best content for our readers and we are constantly looking for Ronaldo.com partners to handle a language, country or continent. Are you a true football fanatic and maybe a sports journalist or editor with the dream to have your own national football news portal then please send a few lines to marketing@ronaldo.com