Ronaldo.com A/S is a global football media devoted to producing premium content from the world of football every day.

Our name

The name of the company is derived from the domain name ronaldo.com. There have been several brilliant football players named Ronaldo in football history, and it is believed there will be many more talented footballers bearing the name in the future. Simply put, Ronaldo is the most famous football name and that is why the company believes that every football fan around the world will associate Ronaldo.com with football and football news.

Our story

Ronaldo.com was established in 2016 and is based in Aalborg, Denmark. In the initial phases, we operated only on the Danish market and covered football news in the Danish language. However, with the expansion of the team, the ambitions of our start-up gradually grew as well. We believed there was good potential to expand into foreign markets and in 2018 we got new investors on board. With backing from a major Danish company, the funds for international expansion were secured.

2019 was a crucial year for ronaldo.com for several reasons. At the beginning of the year, the company launched a complete plan for internationalization. The board appointed a new CEO during the year, and many experienced employees joined the team as well. The company changed the overall business strategy, working processes and production plan. Ronaldo.com revealed a new identity, logo, design and plenty of other new features. Besides the mentioned, the company launched a new website version and a groundbreaking mobile app.

With the investments and modernization coming along, as well as, a new identity of a unique and cool football media, ronaldo.com is on a high pace growth trajectory. The vision of the company is to become stronger on the current markets, expand further to others and provide unique, quality and entertaining football content on all digital platforms in a wide selection of languages in the future.

Current stage

At the moment, ronaldo.com creates football content in Danish and English. The content production is focused mostly on breaking news and unique articles about the hottest football topics. Most of our users come from Denmark and English-speaking countries in Europe, Northern America, Africa and Asia. Our website and app are used by millions of users each season. The brand is also popular on Facebook, with currently over 1.7 million followers.

Our mission

We are devoted to the detailed coverage of the best football players, teams and competitions around the globe. We aim to provide football fans with all the latest news, updates and entertaining content so that they will not miss out any major happening in the world of football.

Our vision

We strive to become a unique football media providing both global and local football news in a wide selection of countries and languages. We see ourselves turning into one of the biggest football platforms, where complete content can be accessed by a worldwide community.