Fans threw dead rats on players in Danish derby

F.C. Copenhagen won todays big derby against Brøndby, as unusual guests entered the pitch.

Written by Jonas Porsborg. April 17, 2017

Today Brøndby hosted the derby against F.C. Copenhagen in the famous “New Firm”-derby. Benjamin Verbic scored the single goal of the match, and secured F.C. Copenhagen another step in their fabolous title-run. The match won’t be rememberd for it’s entertainment on pitch, but rather on later events happening in the match.

After the goal from Benjamin Verbic, happening in the  65th minute, the Brøndby fans often made offends on the rival team, in the start by throwing beer at them. These things seemed to escalate with the minutes ticking, and soon dead rats were thrown at the two F.C. Copenhagen player Benjamin Verbic and Peter Ankersen.

It’s still unknown who threw dead rats at the pitch, and we’ll surely see the consequences for Brøndby IF in a short while.