Hattrick-hero Ronaldo reached 100 goals

Cristiano Ronaldo reached 100 goals by scoring a hattrick against Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarter-final

Written by Jonas Porsborg. April 19, 2017

Real Madrid secured their ticket for the semi-finals in Champions League with superstar Cristiano Ronaldo leading to victory against Bayern Munich. Not only the result came as a high explosive experience, Cristiano Ronaldo mile-breaking record, reaching 100 goals in Champions League did too.

Ronaldo is now the first player ever to reach 100 goals in the mythological tournament. These goals has been score from different teams, different angles, with different limbs and in a mix of different occasions.

Ronaldo scored 15 goals for Manchester United and incredible 85 for Real Madrid. 68 of these with his goodess right-foot, 17 headers and 15 from the left foot.

Not surprisingly many of the goals came in the group stages with 51 of them, but more impressive is, that from the quarter-finals to the final he has scored 49 – matches that counts teams such as Bayern Munich (9 goals), Dortmund (4 goals) and so forth. Of course, Ronaldo did not create all these goals by himself, with team mates Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale and Marcelo providing 24 assists.

As Madrid headed to the semi-finals Ronaldo now has three possible matches to extend this astronomus scoring streak, and who knows: The Portugese superstar has his ambitions, and will without any single doubt be heading for even more goals nets to flutter!