Benzema enraged at Valbuena over the ongoing sex-tape scandal



The forward for Real Madrid is growing ever so irritated by his former team-mates ‘inventing’ an ongoing scandal involving the two.

Written by Frederik Dill, May 19th, 2017.


Mathieu Valbuena is accused of ‘inventing’ stories of Karim Benzema in an ongoing sex tape scandal.

The France national team having stripped Benzema from playing after the police charged Benzema in connection of alleged blackmailing, targeting his Les Bleaus teammate Valbuena. This case still has to go on trial.

This resulted in Benzema being excluded from Frances Euro 2016 squad, Benzema claiming that Valbuena is dragging his name ‘through the mud’.

Benzema quoted by L’Equipe “There’s really something wrong with him. It’s all part of his story,”

“When I hear him say that he’s ready to play with me again. To hear him at the beginning, I’m scum, I threatened him, I scared him, all you can invent…And now he wants to play with me!”

“He said he would not have lodged a complaint if he knew I was involved in the story. For more than a year and a half I’m his worst enemy, a bad guy, a thug, I have to be punished, dragged through the mud, my name and that of my family, in the dirt.”

“It has been almost two years since I was forbidden to see my best friend (Karim Zenati), if not we go to prison, and he is quiet, but he must stop his crap, and I do not know why he keeps talking about me already.”

“I am his enemy, I wanted to take money from him, he really has to stop inventing, it makes me mad to keep on lying. Sex tape? He just had to tell the truth about what really happened, and he would not have had all of this.”