Mourinho: ”Ajax should not be in the Europa League”

Manchester United manager believes that Ajax should not partake in the Europa League final as they lost in this season’s Champions League.

Writen by Frederik Dill, May 19th, 2017.Edit date and time


It can be simply expressed that Jose Mourinho just doesn’t think that Ajax should even be in the competition, especially not the Europa League final.

The Red Devils will be facing off Ajax next week Wednesday in Stockholm.

Champions League dropouts like Ajax joining the Europa League is simply unacceptable, thinks Mourinho.

Mourinho is quoted by reporters before Sundays Match against Crystal Palace: “They are a Champions League team, they come from the Champions League,”

“I always disagree with it, I don’t think a team should play in two European competitions in the same season.”

“I think if a team goes to the Champions League and doesn’t qualify they should go home.”

“The Europa League is for team who have been in it since the beginning, like us. We finished fifth and went to the Europa League.”

Mourinho might disagree with Ajax joining the UEFA cup but states that Ajax has good qualities and their progress is no shock.

“I wasn’t surprised, I really don’t know why you are surprised they reached the final,” he said.

“The age of players isn’t important, the quality is important. I think Ajax make the right investments at the right times.

“Ajax has a very good scouting and education system. These talented players don’t arrive at Ajax by accident.

“I don’t know [Ajax boss Peter Bosz] too well, but when I see Ajax play I think he has done fantastic work.”