No mistakes for Mourinho in his second season with the Red Devils


Manchester united has had a mixed season with the coach. However, Mourinho is confident they’ll improve next season.

Written by Frederik Dill, May 19th, 2017.

Jose Mourinho says that he knows the insides of the club and there will be no mistakes in the next season.

Man Utd. still has the chance to end Mourinho’s first run with two major trophies. This is if they defeat Ajax in the Europa League final next Wednesday. United having already won the EFL Cup already.

On the other side, the Premier League has proven to be quite a challenge, with them finishing sixth regardless of the match on Sunday against Crystal Palace. The Europa League is their last chance for the Champions League next season.

Mourinho explains any first season at a new club can be difficult, but if you stay positive 2017-18 will be better.

Ominsport reports Mourinho: “I try to analyse the realities before I arrived in the club, but you only know the reality when you are inside,”

“The first season is hard. I enjoy the second because in the second I know I’m not making mistakes.”

“You think you know the players, but you don’t. You only know them when you have them in good moments and bad moments. The one I really enjoy to do is the transition from the first to the second season.”

The board is behind Mourinho as he looks for additions in the transfer window for the Red Devils’ squad.

As he states: “I always had the question mark, what happened that stopped Man United being successful in the last three, four, five years?

“One answer: the reality of the Premier League, the economic power in many clubs. The stability that clubs manage to give.

“There is work to be done in the Manchester squad. The good thing is the club knows, the board knows and we are together on this process.”