Klopp dives into the unknown in his first Asia trip

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Reds boss is making his first journey to Asia.

Jürgen Klopp will have his first trip ever to Asia as Liverpool coach. The Reds travel to Hong Kong on Sunday for the Premier League Asia Trophy. There, Liverpool will face off against Crystal Palace and West Brom or Leicester City, depending on the outcome of their first match.

When asked how Liverpool will approach the trip, Klopp said: “Let me go for the first time in my life to Asia, let me feel the circumstances, let me feel the temperature and all that stuff, so I have no idea. Then I can know what we can expect, not before then.”

“All I can say is all the teams will have the same circumstances but we will see when we are there.”

“But we have to use this week to work under difficult circumstances to get each part we can get stronger to get stronger. Because after then we have the proper camp in Germany with the nice tournament in Munich with really good opponents again.”

“So yes we will go in these games, we will try to win of course but we need to see what we can do there because the training is also very important.”

“We cannot waste time and say for one week we will concentrate on two games and afterwards we’ll start pre-season again. So we need to do a lot, even in difficult circumstances.”

Speaking at Wigan, Klopp added: “The Premier League gave us a nice challenge that we can only involve 25 players, so if you take three goalkeepers then you can only have 22 (outfielders) in the squad for this tournament. That’s quite difficult.

“We should’ve given the list on July 8 but I couldn’t because I didn’t know who was injured and who was not when we fly, so tonight I’ll make the decision.