Mourinho sets plans for Manchester United


The Portuguese managers wants to bring back the English giants to their past glory.

Manchester United head coach Jose Mourinho wants to create a team that matches the prestige of the Red Devils history. The Portuguese admits that the current situation of the game will make that task a lot tougher due to the financial muscle of all clubs regardless of their size, prestige or history.

According to Manchester Evening News, Mourinho said:

“Manchester United are one of the top three football clubs in the world, no doubt about it, but the football club is one thing and the team’s credentials going into a competition are another thing entirely,

“We have a giant on our chest, which is really heavy, but we don’t compare our potential to the biggest clubs in Europe right now. We’ll take it step by step and be humble.

“Because Manchester United is a real giant, it doesn’t matter if the club is somewhat far away from that level for three, four, five or 10 years. It doesn’t matter: the club will always be a giant.

“But our job is to try to bring the football club back to that stature. That’s really difficult these days.

“Before, the giants were the powerful ones economically, and now there are small clubs in terms of prestige and history, who are giants economically. That changes absolutely everything.”