Figo was the hardest one to land admits Pérez

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Florentino Perez admits the Portuguese star was his toughest transfer so far.

In 2000 Real Madrid signed Luis Figo from Barcelona in a world record transfer of €60m, which was simply mind-blowing amount of money at that time. Florentino Perez admits that of all transfers he has ever completed, this was the hardest one to pull off.

“I told him that we wanted to build our project around him,” Perez told an interview with Marca.

“Eventually we convinced him but it was not easy, maybe it was my hardest. After all, this was the captain of Barcelona and in 2000 nobody spent €60m!

“Then we signed Zidane, Ronaldo, Beckham…and we created the phenomenon of the Galacticos.

“After this era we tried to follow up with players of the calibre of Cristiano, Kaka, Benzema and Bale: the greatest players help you grow in a sporting context but also economically.

“We now occupy a position in the world that I think we deserve.”