Spanish football will pay tribute to all the victims in Barcelona terror attack

The teams will wear black armbands on the opening day of La Liga.

An atrocious scene took place in Barcelona recently. A van launched into crowds of people in a very busy tourist area in Barcelona with the clear idea of killing as many people as possible. Fourteen were killed and more than a hundred were injured as a result of the terrorist attack.

All opening La Liga games will take place, including Barcelona’s home game against Real Betis this Sunday.

Apart from wearing armbands at the Nou Camp, all games will hold a minute of silence in respect to the victims, their families and their close ones.

“FC Barcelona wants to express its profound sorrow and utter disgust at the terrorist attack that has hit the heart of our city,” an official statement by the club reads.

It is also believed that Barcelona players will wear shirts without their names on it, instead all of them will wear ‘Barcelona’ as their name in a tribute to all those who were involved in the attack. Furthermore, the hashtag #TotsSomBarcelona, which means ‘We are all Barca’, will be shown on the chest of the shirt in the game against Betis.