Roy Keane shares his thoughts on the transfer prices


Manchester United legend Roy Keane believes the transfer fees are way too high.

The Irishman has heavily criticized the current situation of the transfer market. Neymar was recently sold to Paris Saint-Germain for the staggering €222m, while youngster Ousmane Dembélé was sold for an initial fee of €105m, that can rise up to further €146m. Apart from those two moves, all footballers throughout Europe have been sold for significantly higher fees compared to what we used to see before.

Roy Keane is having none of it and insisted that a player like Ryan Giggs would probably be worth around £2 billion in the current market.

“Ruud would certainly be worth in the market now probably a billion,” he said as quoted by EuroSport. “David Beckham? A billion. Ryan Giggs? Two billion.

“It’s mind-boggling, the figures that are out there – especially for the average players. If ever there was a time to be professional player it’s now. Average players are going for £35million. My goodness.” reads a statement by Keane on PA Sport.