Ancelotti does not understand Ribery’s anger


Franck Ribery had an angry reaction on being substituted during Bayern’s Champions League match against Anderlecht.

The French winger reacted very angrily in the moment when he was taken off the pitch, during his team’s 3-0 victory over Anderlecht. The 34-year-old threw his shirt to the bench and gesticulated to express his disagreement with the manager’s decision.

The reaction was a surprising one, as the substitution came in the 78th minute, when Bayern were already leading 2-0. Furthermore, Ribery had a yellow card from the beginning of the match.

Carlo Ancelotti was surprised by his player’s anger and doesn’t understand his reaction: “He was angry. I don’t want to comment his reaction. But there were ten minutes left and he had a yellow card. He didn’t train on Sunday and I wanted to rest him a bit. The change had nothing to do with his performance. I can understand that he wants to play 90 minutes, but I cannot understand his reaction”, Ancelotti said after the game.

Former Bayern Munich glory, Lothar Matthaeus, currently a consultant for Sky Sports, criticised Ribery’s reaction: “Ribery has been with Bayern for a long time now. He is passional, but you cannot throw the club’s shirt to the bench like that. It’s a negative signal towards the club.”