Napoli’s president wants Serie A system change

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Aurelio De Laurentiis wants a change in the current Serie A league system and expects more money from TV rights.

Napoli’s president proposed a reduction in the number of teams, from 20 to 16. However, he is not sure that anyone will take the responsibility for such a decision.

“Italian football is led by people with a mentality from 20-30 years ago. In 1986, Serie A had 16 teams and if we were in that situation, everybody would be happier. I would reduce the number of participant teams and I will make it so that only one team relegates. I spoke with Tavecchio (Italian Football Federation’s president) about this. There are teams that are losing 6-0 and it’s not good for anyone. 

It will not happen, because the TV rights holders are lying the small clubs. It’s not good for the ones that want a competitive Italian football”, De Laurentiis told to Radio 24.

Napoli’s president says that clubs should earn more than they currently are from the broadcasting rights: “It’s time to sell Serie A adequately. We are way behind. La Liga gets €700m from selling the broadcasting rights abroad, so I don’t understand why we have to settle for €300-€400m. They only have Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Barcelona. We have Juventus, Napoli, Inter, Milan, Roma, Lazio, Fiorentina”, Aurelio De Laurentiis added.