United’s efforts to keep Real Madrid away from de Gea


The Red Devils want to make sure that they will not lose David de Gea to Real Madrid.

For this reason, Jose Mourinho’s side have decided to offer a new contract to the Spanish goalkeeper, according to The Independent. David de Gea’s current deal at Old Trafford will expire in 2019. This means that at the end of this season, the goalkeeper will enter the last year of his contract.

Manchester United want to avoid the situation from 2015. At that time, de Gea was also entering his last year of contract and Real Madrid tried to negotiate a lower price for him. Eventually, the two clubs actually agreed on a transfer fee on deadline day, but the move collapsed because the transfer documents arrived at the Spanish League’s offices only minutes after the deadline.

After that moment, David de Gea signed a new four-year deal, out of which two have already passed. If he does not sign a new contract until the end of this season, he will find himself in the same situation as in 2015. This would make it easier for other clubs to attract him and sign him for a lower price.

Jose Mourinho is the main person that wants to keep the 26-year-old at Old Trafford. The Portuguese  manager sees de Gea as an important part of his team and he wants to make sure there are no doubts regarding his future.