Neymar found guilty of tax evasion


Neymar has been found guilty of tax evasion in Brazil and PSG’s player had to pay a fine of €1m.

Two years ago, the Brazilian tax authorities charged Neymar with tax evasion for failing to declare the incomes received from image rights in the period 2011-2013. Yesterday, a Brazilian court decided that PSG’s player is indeed guilty of avoiding to pay his taxes and has prejudiced the Brazilian state.

According to the court, Neymar and his father started three companies with the purpose of diverting revenues originated from wages and image rights, in order to avoid paying taxes on personal incomes, which in Brazil are higher than taxes on corporate income (27,5% vs 15-25%), as related by ESPN.

The judge that handled the case, Carlos Muta, said that Neymar’s facts “violated the justice’s dignity” and accused the footballer of elaborating tactics meant to delay the process.

The thing that raised the interest of the Brazilian authorities was the fact that Neymar only has 8% of his fortune under his name (€4,5m). Furthermore, the Brazilian does not own any material goods or real estate.

Two years ago, when Neymar was initially accused, the Brazilian authorities seized assets worth of €42m. Now, after the decision, the measure has been revoked.