Hertha’s Kalou compares racism to terrorism

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Forward Salomon Kalou doesn’t understand why there is still a problem with the racism as we are all living in the 21st century and he said that he and his Hertha Berlin teammates took a knee before a match this month to “protest against people who think there is a colour, who think there is a kind of white supremacy.”

Hertha made this gesture during the home match against Schalke as an act of support for the protest initiated by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. And it was a big moment as the Hertha’s home stadium, the Olympiastadion, was built for the 1936 Olympic Games to celebrate Hitler’s Nazi regime.

The Ivorian attacker said about this gesture, according to ESPN“Taking a knee has nothing to do with the flag, but rather showing that we are one as people and that we going to rise together,” Kalou said. “A human heart is too tiny to have a place for hate, because hate is such a horrible thing to put in your heart. I feel bad for people who have a lot of hate in their heart.”

Kalou was emotional about this moment as he added: “Some people will see it the wrong way, see it as a PR campaign. I think that if you are against [racism] then you should do something about it. Or if you’re not [doing something about it], you should not be criticising people who do something about it.”

“Those people who say that you should do something about it: They can’t deny that this kind of behaviour exists. If you say that about people who do this then you should do something to show that you are against that way of behaviour. For me racism is like terrorism.”

In the end, he said that even his friends have an experience with this kind of behaviour: “I have people who I know who have been through this kind of situation, and that’s sad. It’s sad that people in 2017 are still thinking that kind of way because I think we are way past the time that this was okay.”