Will Mascherano leave Barcelona?

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Javier Mascherano believes his career at Barcelona might come to an end once the season is over

Barcelona defender Javier Mascherano might be halfway out of Barcelona, as his contract is about to expire next summer. The Argentine admitted he might not renew it, instead he would move to either another European club, or to his former side.

The Blaugrana have not chosen Mascherano as their first priority, since they have Gerard Pique and Samuel Umtiti ready to play. Because of this, the Argentine might depart after 7 years.

The 33-year-old joined Barca in 2010 and has played in 202 games since then. He has been a key part of Barcelona’s strong defense.

“Yes, it could be [the end of my time at Barcelona],” he said in an interview with La Nacion on Friday.

“You need to know when to close an era,” Mascherano added, suggesting a possible transfer during the summer.

The defender claimed it would be his decision to leave, it’s not Barcelona who’s behind it.

“It also depends on the club. [Although] this time it might be the case that I make the decision.”

He was not sure of where he would move however, but he said he wants to enjoy his remaining time.

“I still have two or three years of my career left and want to enjoy them,” the defender said in the interview.

Rumours have suggested that one of the biggest possibilities would be River Plate, where Mascherano played in his early years. Another option would be another European club, where he could maybe play on a higher level, despite being away from his country. Whichever the case may be, Barcelona still needs him for this season.

Ernesto Valverde’s men have managed to build up an 8-point lead over rivals Real Madrid, but the season is far from being over. Despite Madrid’s early struggled in La Liga, the Blaugrana can’t lose focus if they want to win the title.