Ventura might be sacked even if Italy qualifies

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Italy are in danger of missing out on the 2018 World Cup and the Italian Football Association have had enough of their current manager.

Giampiero Ventura is in danger of losing his job even if Italy manages to qualify for the upcoming World Cup that will take place in Russia next summer. The Italian press writes that the Italian football executives are angered by the team’s display during the Qualifications and the defeat against Sweden, in the first leg of the playoff, was the last straw for the 69-years-old.

The Italians have already identified two possible solutions. The first one would be Carlo Ancelotti, who is out of contract after having been fired by Bayern Munich. He is the number one priority for the Italians, who are hoping to persuade Ancelotti to change his intentions of not coaching any team until next summer.

Antonio Conte is another possible option for the Italians. Chelsea’s manager was in charge of ‘Squadra Azzurra’ until Euro 2016 and then moved to London. However, the relationship with Roman Abramovich broke down lately, due to the failed start of the season that has Chelsea trailing eight points behind Premier League leaders Manchester City.

Luigi De Biagio is also considered for the job. The Italy U21 manager is seen as an in-house solution for the replacement of Ventura.

Italy play their last chance to reach the World Cup on Monday, at 20:45 CET. In the first leg, Sweden won 1-0 in Stockholm.