International role was a possibility for Wenger


Arsene Wenger admitted that he was given an opportunity to become a national team coach once but he decided to stay with the Gunners and he has been serving there for a really long time now.

The former AS Monaco coach insisted that there was such a possibility for him as he was linked with both the France and England jobs and he also admitted that this is still an option for him – this kind of job can be suitable for him when he gets older. Wenger will consider this scenario after his reign in Arsenal will be over, as he said.

The Frenchman spoke about this possible future job as he claimed, according to ESPN“Maybe, yes, I will do it at some stage. But until now I’ve liked to be involved every day in the life of a club because the real test is there. Four or five weeks… OK it’s a different experience, it’s more concentrated.

Further on, he added: “But I believe the real experience to manage a team is on a daily basis. But I will not always have the physical strength to do that, so maybe I will move into that [international work].”

Arsene Wenger also spoke about the possibility of him coaching at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar: “Maybe — you never know. I haven’t decided that to me it’s just a fact that my life is linked with football. In what way will depend on my physical state. But until the end of my life, I’ll be in football. I don’t know what kind [of role], as a director, as a manager. As long as possible as a manager, but one day that will stop. But I will stay in football, of course.

It’s almost unimaginable but will Arsene Wenger leave Arsenal and be in charge of another team?